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About US

032 Outsourcing

032 Outsourcing is a specialized offshore labor and outsourcing company that connects clients in the United States of America with skilled Filipino virtual employees, tailored to the Publishing industry. With a strong focus on delivering high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective outsourcing support, we help our clients increase their productivity and streamline their processes.

Partnering with 032 Outsourcing provides clients in the magazine publication industry with a strategic advantage. Our dedication to excellence, commitment to client satisfaction, and extensive experience in serving the industry make us the ideal outsourcing partner.

With our support, clients can:

  • Focus on their core business activities
  • Efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • High-quality services delivered by our virtual employees.

Our Values


We foster a positive work environment that encourages collaboration, teamwork, and mutual respect.


We are Committed to doing what is right, and take ownership of our actions.


We Demonstrate Perseverance, Resilience, and determination in overcoming obstacles and achieving our goals.


We are reliable, consistent, and trustworthy in fulfilling commitments and delivering results.


We have faith in ourselves, our team, our vision, and God.

Executive Leadership

Meet Mike and Kevin!

Mike Obert and Kevin Thompson have been in the virtual staffing and outsourcing industry for more than a decade. Their careers as publishing professionals have helped them blossom into the outsourcing leaders they are now.

Since then, they vowed to continue creating opportunities for the global business community through immersion and discovery.



To create opportunities for our customers, our staff, and our communities

We strive to meet our goals and deliver a lasting impact for all parties by providing versatile quality outsourcing service, delivering results on time without forgetting to have fun.


To play our part in becoming a trusted organization in the outsourcing industry where personal and professional progression for customers and our employees is possible


The Outsourcing Guys

The Outsourcing Guys feature Mike and Kevin as they talk candidly about the outsourcing industry. Learn more about the industry from an expert’s perspective and see how you can explore this cost-saving strategy to incorporate into your organization.

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