The Outsourcing Guys: 032 Outsourcing Experience - Brandon Forema

The Outsourcing Guys: 032 Outsourcing Experience of Brandon Foreman

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Still can’t picture how you can benefit from our employees? Well, today, we bring on another valued client Brandon Foreman of Baton Rouge Parents Magazine to share his experience with all of you!

The main reason why Brandon and his team became interested in outsourcing a virtual employee from the Philippines is that they want to scale. And the other reason is management since we can manage the virtual employee on their company’s behalf in terms of HR functions.

He said that there should not be a negative connotation when it comes to outsourcing because it is a way to work smarter and there are more benefits than disadvantages especially if you can secure a good hire. One of the most amazing things is that they have a well-knit group that it didn’t feel like they have an outsourced virtual employee from the Philippines.

Curious about who is their virtual employee from our team? It’s Victoria who was featured in the Life of a 032 Outsourcing Virtual Employee episode!

What do you think of the experience of Brandon Foreman with 032 outsourcing? Don’t hesitate to talk to us! For more outsourcing-related content, check out our channel and watch our videos.

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