The Outsourcing Guys: The 032 Outsourcing Experience of Charles Warner

The Outsourcing Guys: Charles Warner’s Experience

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Today we feature Charles Warner and then talk a little about how we helped him in freeing up his time so he can focus more on scaling his business.

Charles Warner has been with us for so long! He is the CEO of Innovative Properties Worldwide which is a digital media company in Denver, Colorado. Unlike other business owners, he is already open to the idea of outsourcing the only obstacle at that time was how to execute it. Before meeting Mike and Kevin, he considered seeking help from another outsourcing firm. 

Luckily, he decided to engage with us! He was in search of someone of doing a lot of things that can help people from the team lessen the workload so that they can focus on other critical aspects of the business. 

He admitted to the many benefits of outsourcing such as cost-effectiveness, increased productivity, and even the quality of work that’s even hard to find from an in-house employee. We appreciate the time he took out of his busy schedule just to share his experience in working with us. 

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