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Client Testimonials

032 Outsourcing values what our clients say about our service. That is why we are committed to serving them with only the highest quality of service we can offer. We consistently improve our process in line with client needs and cope with the dynamism of the industry.

Some of the known benefits unlocked by our clients from working with us are:

  • Increased Flexibility to Meet Changing Business and Commercial Conditions 
  • On-Demand Staff
  • Access to Skills or Resources
  • Increased Focus on Strategy/Core Competencies
  • Accelerated Time to Market 
  • Increased Efficiency 
  • Access to Innovation, Intellectual Property, and Thought Leadership 
  • Lower Ongoing Investment in Internal Infrastructure
  • Possible Cash Influx Resulting from Transfer of Assets to the New Provider 
  • Lower Costs 

We have spent more than a decade learning how to leverage remote teams and virtual staffing solutions in all different verticals to better understand what will be better for our client’s business.

And here are some of the feedback we got from our clients, talking about their experience in working with us and how it changed the way they are doing business now:


Czar is a total rockstar. She completed about 116 forms yesterday which is more than anyone in the office has in a VERY long time. Super communicative, and inquisitive which I super appreciate. We are all super impressed.

Shara trained today, and she should be live on Friday when she comes back from her days off. I am having her do some forms today but told her to take her time and ask any questions she needs. She is super sweet and also seems to get through things quickly.

Both of them are rock stars! It has been great having them on our team. Both girls are super receptive to feedback and take direction extremely well.

We decided to pause RC stuff since they are SO quick without the calls!

Meagan Vargas

Emler Sales Center

Victoria and the team hit a pretty big milestone last week, below is a screenshot of our Facebook alone engagement for the trailing 4 weeks.

Brandon Foreman

Baton Rouge Parents

Shara, we know you are new to our team but we are already so impressed with your positivity, productivity, and work ethic.

Colleen Dreyer

Spotlight Media

I think we are all impressed with what he’s (John Abelgas been able to do so far.

Turnaround time has been pretty good. We are sending him a lot of different templates and he’s been figuring those out. I see him getting better and better the more he does for us.

Steve Saxlund

3X Gear

Mike & Team, please let us start by saying, thank you so much for bringing us, Johanna! She is a joy to work with and tackles any assignment with enthusiasm. We especially like the fact that if an assignment is unclear, she always asks questions, so she has a clear path ahead of her to work on. This is particularly important to us as her role with us is responsible for performing many different tasks and using a variety of skill sets to accomplish assignments (website updates, research, custom email outreach, working with our CMS, and more).

She executes with a high caliber and this is something that fits right into our team framework. We can’t sing Johanna’s praises enough. In closing, we would add she always brightens our day & she has fully embraced our corporate culture & is an integral part of our team.

Mary Roche


I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at 032 OUTSOURCING! We needed a top-notch project manager to help run our outreach campaigns.

Since our current project manager was getting ready to go on maternity leave, this was a critical effort for us. Mike, Kevin, and the whole team took the time to understand our needs, find and screen the candidates and ultimately find the right person.

WeWe was so impressed with the 032 OUTSOURCING hire, that we kept him on after our project manager returned. We are already writing up requirements for the next candidates to find.

Nathan Jaskot


I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your work on the KFB News. You and your staff have taken us to a new level on how this magazine looks.

With the new year, we would like to continue our efforts to make our publication even more appealing both from an aesthetic sense as well as the content. While we work on the content end from here, I would ask the design team to continue to look for ways to make us better.

Tim Thornberry

Kentucky Farm Bureau

I was very unsure when we first hired Sweets but truly she has been a lifesaver!!! She has completed the tasks that I have asked of her and much more. She has even taken the initiative and gone above and beyond for my business. She has set up google with all my store information, pictures from my grand opening last week, helping resource products overseas, cleaning up my website, posting daily on social media, and the list goes on and on. I am truly grateful that we found Sweets and she has helped out a ton!!! She is my right handman (woman) at the moment! 

Jillian Beas

Inspired Wings Fashion

I know you’ve been working hard to help us get our pre-orders ready for the pop-ups we’ve been doing for the last month.

Today was National Donut Day and we had a record sales day! I just wanted to let you know that you helped us make it a successful day!

Your compiled list of pre-orders makes it so much easier for the stores to put the donut boxes together. They were so happy today when we showed them the new process. 

Just want you to know that your efforts are having an impact! Have a great weekend. 

Terry Pham

Fat Straws Bubble Tea Co.

Mona has been a phenomenal addition to our team! She is a true go-getter, motivated by her desire to succeed. In a very short time, she has learned our system, products, and markets, and has begun selling faster than we anticipated! She has been a true asset already, and we enjoy having her on our team!

Brooke Salazar


Paul has been doing a great job! He has brought in three new clients! His commitment to our success is fantastic, and he is a pleasure to have on our team.

Anne LoGiudice

Luxury Home Magazine

Nhez has done a great job, coming into a new world (healthcare) and working hard to understand and navigate procurement sites. She’s dug in to learn the healthcare providers to better help us build our provider database.

David Elmore

Elevate Healthcare Consultants

Dave and the team have been great.  A last-minute project and 032 Outsourcing exceeded our expectations!  Hey Mike, I feel fortunate to have met you at Super Niche!  I look forward to working with you and your team on future projects.

John Pavek

Exhibitor Magazine

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