032 Outsourcing Candidate: Josef - Digital Marketing Sales
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032 Outsourcing Candidate: Digital Marketing Sales

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Josef has an experience in digital marketing sales working for Clickable Brands, a US publishing firm. He was directly working with customers which are mostly authors. He offers them with publishing packages. After the client’s book is published, he offers their digital marketing packages because their company understands the power of utilizing digital marketing techniques to further boost the credibility of the author and for easier visibility. 

In his line of work, he also does outbound sales calls and build a rapport with each client. He said that it takes up to 3 calls for him to close a deal with a client and with each call, he has a deeper understanding of what they need and because he values open communication. The packages that their company offers is worth USD 2899 and he personally closes these deals with the clients he got from the outbound sales calls.

When Mike asked what is his personal rating of his English communication skills, he gave it an impressive 9. Mike asked what’s keeping him from being a 10 and he said that it’s because he still lacks the skill of being able to do an on-the-spot closing of deals. In the interview, Mike also asked what type of employee will a company get should they decide to hire him and he replied with that he is looking for an employer who also values open communication because he thinks that everyone can work better if that element is present. 

If you are interested in Josef’s digital marketing sales experience, watch his interview with Mike to learn more about him. We’d be glad to connect you with Josef if you want to work with him. For more outsourcing related content, check out our channel!  

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Mike Obert

Mike Obert

Co-Founder/Captain Positivity

Mike Obert began his outsourcing career in 2009 while developing offshore publishing solutions for a US-Based Niche Media company out of the Philippines. In 3 short years, Mike noticed a void in the industry and a lack of reliable outsourced options for all publishers, which ignited the vision to create his first Outsourcing firm. 2012 marked the first year of operations, providing Graphic Design & Page Make-up, Photo Editing and Enhancement, and telemarketing for niche magazine publishers across the US.