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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About 032 Outsourcing

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs About 032 Outsourcing

We call our virtual employees “superheroes”. Why? Because they are ready for action to save the day-to-day of our clients! That is why we are sharing with you some of the frequently asked questions we get from our clients to learn more about how we can help you and your business achieve your goals through the power of our super team. It’s like a sneak peek at how we do business.

FAQs: Is my engagement with 032 Outsourcing or directly with my new superhero?

You will contract with 032 Outsourcing who will be employed and be responsible to handle all compensation, benefits, and labor-related topics for the employee. Day-to-day communication, instructions, job scope, and any other topics related to the role will come from you, the customer. 032 Outsourcing team of support will always be accessible to assist in the supervision and any other needs on your behalf.

FAQs: Am I locked into a long-term contract?

No, but we don’t think you’re going to want to leave once you get a taste of what can be achieved. Our virtual staffing solutions are designed to help you and your business, if things turn out to not be as successful as originally expected you have the right to cancel with a 30-day notice at any time.

FAQs: What happens if my Superhero gets sick or goes on vacation?

Every situation and coverage need is different, however, considering our superheroes do show some human traits from time to time they are entitled to sick and vacation leave. Any absence must be properly communicated, when applicable, and as needed 032 Outsourcing can provide backup resources. If attendance issues become unacceptable 032 Outsourcing HR team will address and your “not-so superhero” will be replaced.

FAQs: What happens if my superhero leaves?

You will receive a replacement at no additional placement cost as long as the engagement still exists and proper assessment is followed.

FAQs: What if I need my superhero to do something different than they were originally hired for?

Well, they are pretty super and typically are very capable to do more than they were hired for. Go right ahead, no need to inform your Customer Relationship Specialist. Always remember your new superhero is intended to function just as any other employee would. If needs arise outside of the current skill set capability, please let us know we’d love the opportunity to find a new or additional superhero. If questions arise that were not covered here, please do not ever hesitate to reach out.





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