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Scaling requires some serious cash to do it right. But what if there’s a way to grow without spending too much?

032 Outsourcing and Virtual Staffing allows you to spend only on things that truly matter.

Outsourcing and Virtual Staffing with 032 Outsourcing

Is Your Business Ready to Fly?

Do you have the resources to propel your business upwards? With 032 Outsourcing, you have people who are trained and committed to do what needs to be done without wasting your time and money.

We understand your business like no one else — we started small and local.

Spend 30-50 Less on Operational Costs


Spend 30-50% Less on Operational Costs

Let our experienced team save you from the cost of having to hire and train new employees. We got you! Aside from reducing your salary expenses, you save on facilities, equipment, and management effort, too!

Get the Manpower You Need to Grow Your Business


Get the Manpower You Need to Grow Your Business

With our team, you have access to the right people who can get the job done. You train them on your process and we’ll take care of their technical training and soft skills. Together, we can help your business reach new heights!

Spend Your Time on the More Important Tasks


Spend Your Time on the More Important Tasks

Even Batman needs a Robin. Let us be your Robin! Allow us to help you with your day-to-day tasks. This way, you can focus more on what builds long term yield and secures the future.

Executive Leadership

Meet Mike and Kevin!

Mike Obert and Kevin Thompson have been in the outsourcing and virtual staffing industry for more than a decade. Their careers as publishing professionals have helped them blossom into the outsourcing leaders they are now.

Since then, they vowed to continue creating opportunities for the global business community through immersion and discovery.

The 032 Outsourcing Mantra

We aim to create opportunities for our customers, our staff, and our communities. We want to meet their goals, deliver lasting impact, provide quality service — and have fun while doing it!

Our Services

We offer outsourcing and virtual staffing services to assist companies by hiring and managing remote employees and teams with varying skill sets for them.

We source, screen, and supervise. Providing companies only with qualified and experienced team members cost-effectively.


Based on the needs of our customers, we source via our vast database of qualified candidates. Regular recruitment activities allow us to network with candidates that are readily available for placement.


Our customers receive the benefit of added management support. Our management team assists in overseeing remote team members ensuring virtual employees stay on track and working productively.


After the recruitment process, we will handle all initial interviews and qualifying activities. All interviews will be recorded and provided to companies requesting to hire new virtual employees for additional team members.

Skillsets Placed

We have experience in placing virtual employees with skillsets in Executive Assistants, Graphic Designers, Sales Representatives, Data Entry and Data Research Specialists, E-Commerce Specialists, Accountants, & more.


We pride ourselves on doing our best to delight our customers by providing them with high-quality service when they avail our outsourcing and virtual staffing services. Here are some of what our clients say about their experience working with us and successfully placed virtual staff to work for them:

Mary Roche of IPW

“Mike & Team please let us start by saying, thank you so much for bringing us Johanna! She is a joy to work with and tackles any assignment with enthusiasm. We especially like the fact that if an assignment is unclear, she always asks questions, so she has a clear path ahead of her to work on. This is particularly important to us as her role with us is responsible for performing many different tasks and using a variety of skill sets to accomplish assignments (website updates, research, custom email outreach, working with our CMS, and more).

She executes with a high caliber and this is something which, fits right into our team framework. We can’t sing Johanna’s praises enough. In closing we would add she always brightens our day & she has fully embraced our corporate culture & is an integral part of our team.”

Craig Shacklett of URComped

“I just wanted to let you know that Brandon has been doing a great job for URComped. We have thrown a lot at him these last couple of days and he has really stepped up and helped us get through this unexpected rush. Kudos to the team at 032 Outsourcing and especially Brandon!”

Tim Thornberry of Kentucky Farm Bureau

“I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your work on the KFB News. You and your staff have taken us to a new level on how this magazine looks. With the new year, we would like to continue our efforts to make our publication even more appealing both from an aesthetic sense as well as the content. While we work on the content end from here, I would ask the design team to continue to look for ways to make us better.”

Daniel Bradford of All About Beer

“I have been tasked with setting up, and running effective procedures and right now it is looking very good. There have been a few glitches, but all in all, it is heading in the right direction and I wanted to share my appreciation with what you have done to make this a reality.”

Nathan J. Phoneticall of Inc.r

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at 032 OUTSOURCING! We really needed a top notch project manager to help running our outreach campaigns. Since our current project manager was getting ready to go on maternity leave, this was a critical effort for us. Mike, Kevin and the whole team took to the time to understand our needs, find and screen the candidates and ultimately find the right person. In fact, we were so impressed with the 032 OUTSOURCING hire, that we kept him on after our project manager returned. We are already writing up requirements for the next candidates to find.”

Rob Ristagno of Sterling Woods

“My confidence in Jeff is high! He’s thoughtful, a good listener, and can work through the preliminaries of our call tactics comfortably. I think he’ll do well!”

Jessica Dansby of Emler Swim School

“Shiela is a great support to our team! She is timely, attentive to details, and a great communicator. We really enjoy working with her! She is a great communicator and quick to help us with anything we need. I especially love her inspirational notes she sends us every morning.”

Amye King of Idealliance

“Angelique was able to help us fill our first online training class – from 5 attendees to a full class!”

Bianca Strzalkowski of AmeriForce Media

“We really love working with Fritz. He truly makes my job easier. He is so organized! He has also helped me to greatly improve the look of the magazine. I cannot praise him enough!”

Brandon Foreman of BRParents

“Victoria is doing a great job! Been promoting our “best of” we call it family favorites and we only promote it via email and social and the magazine and we are done at the end of the month but with her efforts we are over 107,000 votes in less than 30 days.”

Brooke Salazar of FanBase

“Mona has been a phenomenal addition to our team! She is a true go-getter, motivated by her own desire to succeed. In a very short time, she has learned our system, products, and markets, and has begun selling faster than we anticipated! She has been a true asset already, and we enjoy having her on our team!”

Emily Vander May of Luxury Homes Magazine

“Paul is authentic and has an incredibly positive attitude every day. His efforts have already helped us immensely and have even brought us some business! We appreciate his hard work and can’t wait to have him take on more new and exciting projects with us! 🙂

Carol Dittmar of In Loving Memory

“Kudos to Mark for working hard to get familiar with each product we print, and for training Aldre well. Mark has been very accurate and efficient. Double kudos to Mark for stepping in last week when Aldre’s internet was out and we needed help. And kudos to Aldre for learning quickly and being accurate and timely.”

Anne LoGiudice of Luxury Homes Magazine

“Paul has been doing a great job! He has brought in three new clients! His commitment to our success is fantastic, and he is a pleasure to have on our team.”

Terry Pham of Fat Straws

“Shout out to Kessie for being impeccably responsive and communicative. Our team really appreciates how she’s all in on Fat Straws!”


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