The Outsourcing Guys: Kevin Thompson Journey

The Outsourcing Guys: Kevin Thompson’s Journey

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In today’s episode, we detail how Call Center Kevin Thompson’s Journey started from being an ad sales rep to becoming a business partner for Open Look and 032 Outsourcing. He has traveled from California to Cebu City, Philippines to build this business from the ground up. Let’s find out more!

When he was sent to the Philippines to build an offshore ad sales team for Beckett Media, he was in doubt that it could work and was worried if he’ll be able to find the right talent for the job. But he was surprised that he was proven wrong because Filipino talent is remarkable. He was able to expand his team in the Philippines as well.

FUN FACT: Kevin and Mike used to work for the same company, Beckett Media, where they first met.

Seeing a huge potential in Filipino talent for offshore solutions, they launched an outsourcing niche media company catering to underserved market like the publishing industry, Open Look. And with other emerging professions like developers, accountants and bookkeepers, executive assistants, etc., going virtual, they saw another opportunity that will utilize the skills of Filipinos through serving US companies with outsourcing needs and that’s when they decided to launch 032 Outsourcing.

It is undeniable that the Filipino talent is getting the recognition it deserved because of outsourcing companies like 032 serving as a platform for global reach.

Were you impressed by Kevin Thompson’s journey? Make sure to watch the video to know more about Kevin’s story. Check out our channel for more outsourcing related content you might be interested in.

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