032 Outsourcing Candidate: Lucy - Leads Generation & Sales Telemarketer
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032 Outsourcing Candidate: Lead Generation and Sales Telemarketer

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Lucy has experience in being a lead generation and sales telemarketer working in the virtual staffing industry for more than 10 years now. She has worked with US and Australian accounts. She is used to receiving volumes of call that’s approximately 700 calls everyday. Most of the calls she receives are about inquiries on the courses they offer and questions from existing clients regarding their appointments.

While working for the Australian accounts as a lead generation and sales marketer she was employed under an academic institution who offers online courses and sends workbooks to confirmed clients. She was tasked to facilitate sales calls and close deals but before she does, first she verifies the information through lead generation. She was also tasked to set appointments and reminders to these clients regarding their exams or tests. She coordinates not only with clients but with charitable institutions whose beneficiaries are cancer patients where their company donates non-monetary gifts such as towels, blankets and calendars. 

When Mike asked what is her rating of her English communication skills, she rated it an impressive 9 out of 10. According to Lucy, what is keeping her from giving a 10 out of 10 rating is because she is aware of her lapses and shortcomings and she is working her way to overcome it. Mike also asked what a company will have should they choose to hire her, she answered that she is a multi-tasker who follows standard work processes. She is also the type of employee who is willing to learn new things and contribute her past knowledge with the company

If you are interested in Lucy’s work experience as a lead generation and sales marketer, watch her interview with Mike. We’d be glad to connect you with Lucy. For more outsourcing related content, check out our channel!

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Mike Obert

Mike Obert

Co-Founder/Captain Positivity

Mike Obert began his outsourcing career in 2009 while developing offshore publishing solutions for a US-Based Niche Media company out of the Philippines. In 3 short years, Mike noticed a void in the industry and a lack of reliable outsourced options for all publishers, which ignited the vision to create his first Outsourcing firm. 2012 marked the first year of operations, providing Graphic Design & Page Make-up, Photo Editing and Enhancement, and telemarketing for niche magazine publishers across the US.