The Outsourcing Guys: Queenie Bontuyan's Landing

The Outsourcing Guys: Queenie Bontuyan’s Landing

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In today’s episode, we are going to share Queenie Bontuyan’s landing in Open Look and 032 Outsourcing. Her value is priceless, potential limitless. She is the queen behind this business and she has made a lasting impact on our clients.

Her work ethic is unmatched which is why she has risen the ranks from being one of our pioneer agents to becoming a trusted support contact for all our clients. Find out what makes her so special!

She shared 3 keys to why clients love to work with her and how she does her job excellently:


It is easy to say but even harder to execute. She has successfully mastered the art of adaptability and flexibility at work by being open to changes, especially to new ideas that are thrown at her. 


She thoroughly learns and understands what the client needs and knows how to cater to and address these concerns to be delivered by the team. 


Building rapport and making sure that the clients are not forgotten by proactively communicating with the clients is an effective way of strengthening business relationships. 

Despite not having a background in the publishing and outsourcing industry before working in Open Look and 032,  she has naturally developed knowledge in both fields along the way through working with clients who are generous enough to share information and her self-study initiative. This proves her adaptability and ability to understand the work given and flexibility in working with different types of people.

Her job with Open Look and 032, makes her feel like she is traveling around the world to where her clients are because of the business relationship that she was able to build with them like being part of the family. She’s one of the proofs of why it is more fun to do outsourcing in the Philippines.

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