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032 Outsourcing Services

032 Outsourcing offers outsourcing and virtual staffing solutions to businesses that are interested in building a virtual team aligned with their business needs. With our eagle eye in determining the right talent for specific roles, working with us will certainly lift a weight off of your shoulders so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. 

What we do

When you think of a remote staffing partner, we would like for you to think of us with trust. We work with you to clearly define the skillset and personality needed to function within the organization. We handle all of the recruitment & hiring and only present you with qualified candidates.

Once we find a perfect match, we take care of the onboarding and emersion process. Leaving you with more time and energy to focus on your business strategies. When working with anyone from 032 Outsourcing, you have ensured customer satisfaction throughout the life of employment.

Outsourcing Jobs to the Philippines

Outsourcing is the business process that refers to a cost-effective way of hiring outside the company to fill and perform services or create products, usually by an employee overseas. It helps companies in improving the quality of business output because they can focus more on the integral parts of the business.

Virtual Staffing Services to the Philippines

Virtual Staffing refers to the business process of employing individuals to work for an organization remotely, making it easier for companies to work with other people from all over the world. Working with highly skilled people has been made possible with the advancement of technology.

The traditional way of doing business is becoming more and more outdated and companies need to adapt to stay afloat. With our services, allow us to help your business reach a level of comfort by providing quality candidates you to choose from, who can potentially work for you.

We have professional virtual employees in our team capable to assist you with what you need help with to improve your business. Here are just some of the many superpowers our super virtual employees have acquired throughout their working experience supported by knowledge and training from academic institutions they attended:

In charge of monitoring & managing overall business financial health while making sure it complies with government laws.

They are superstars in helping their clients become more visible by selling ad spaces and driving potential customers towards the business.

Offers assistance to customers in need of problem resolution they are experiencing in a product or service they availed.

It is the process that involves a collection of raw data for the purpose of data analysis.

  • Data Analytics

Creation of insights and trends through analyzing data that is useful to an individual or organization.

  • Data Append

Specializes in adding new elements to already existing data for better understanding and utilization of information.

  • E-commerce Assistant

With their knowledge of online platforms, they can help you with your administrative work like updating product information.

Execution of not only for sales-centered campaigns, but it is all about relationship building too.

  • Event Calendar Management

Responsible for organizing and managing events to make sure that they will run smoothly.

  • Executive Assistant

Supports a company’s executives through their ability to adapt, interpersonal skills, and organizational skills.

Creation of engaging visual representations to convey a message for a specific intent.

  • Inbound/Outbound Telephone Work

Equipped to perform and handle a volume of calls, they can assist clients in need of support or for sales purposes.

  • List Building

Gathering of beneficial contact details through skills and strategies involving content marketing, organically or paid acquisition.

  • Photo Editing

With knowledge & expertise in using editing tools and good eyes for design, they have the power to transform an image.

  • Project Coordinator

Ability to arrange and manage workflows to produce outputs while beating deadlines by using the power of their interpersonal skills.

  • Social Media and Web Content Management

Content is king. Whether on social media platforms or websites, it is a way to connect with customers or target audiences.

What you get

Outsourcing is one of the best business decisions you are going to make! When implemented perfectly, it will not only aid in improving your business operations but also help with financial growth and business flexibility that you can observe in the long run.

To set expectations on what benefits you can have when you engage with us, here are the main benefits you’ll be delighted to have while working with us:

Global Talent Pool

Access to Global Talent Pool

Substantial Cost Savings

Substantial Cost Savings

Shorter Recruitment Window

Shorter Recruitment Window

HR and Management Support

HR & Management Support

Increased Efficiency and Flexibility

Increased Efficiency and Flexibility

Payroll for Virtual Employees

Payroll for Virtual Employees

Work with people who are passionate about creating opportunities!

Explore the world of virtual staffing and outsourcing with us to unlock the full potential of your business.