The Role of a Traffic Coordinator in Publishing

July 1, 2024
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Traffic coordinators are not just a part of a publishing house’s operation, they are the backbone that ensures its smooth functioning. Their unwavering dedication to deadlines, clear and effective communication, and meticulous workflow management are the driving forces that keep projects on track and ensure high-quality publications reach readers on time. A skilled traffic coordinator is not just an asset, but a necessity for publishers seeking to streamline their processes and optimize efficiency.
Traffic coordinators in the publishing industry are the operational maestros, organizing every advert’s journey through the production pipeline to final publication. They are responsible for:
  • Managing Ad Materials: From securing ad materials to verifying their conformity with publication standards, traffic coordinators ensure each piece is primed for placement. At 032 Outsourcing, our PVAs not only manage these materials diligently but also bring their unique expertise and efficiency, encompassing all detailed specifications.
  • Communicating with Advertisers: Clear, consistent contact with advertisers is pivotal. Our traffic coordinators bridge gaps between sales and production, ensuring client specifications meet design feasibility.
  • Ad Run Sheets and Proofing: The creation and management of ad run sheets, and the critical eye of proofing, form part of their daily regimen. They track each advertisement’s placement, ensuring accuracy for the final print.
  • Production Schedules and Pagination: Coordinators create and maintain production schedules, aligning all departments to meet publishing deadlines. They also oversee the pagination process, determining the content layout within a publication.
  • Digital Edition Coordination: A traffic coordinator’s role extends to digital editions, seamlessly translating content from print to pixels.

The Ideal Publishing Traffic Coordinator

Publishing traffic coordinators typically possess the following skills and qualities:
  • Excellent Organizational Skills: Juggling multiple projects and deadlines requires exceptional organizational skills and prioritizing tasks effectively.
  • Strong Communication: Clear written and verbal communication is essential for interacting with various departments and ensuring everyone is informed.
  • Attention to Detail: A keen eye for detail is crucial for identifying potential issues and ensuring accuracy throughout publishing.
  • Project Management Skills: Understanding project management principles allows traffic coordinators to develop and maintain effective project timelines.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Identifying and resolving problems efficiently is essential when unexpected roadblocks arise.

How to Engage with a PVA for Your Traffic Coordination Needs

Engaging with a 032 Outsourcing certified PVA is simple and geared towards matching you with your ideal candidate. Here’s how:
  • Watch Interviews: Review interviews of our trained PVAs to assess their competence and proficiency.
  • View Resumes: Examine detailed resumes to understand the candidates’ employment history.
  • Book an Interview: If a candidate piques your interest, book a direct interview to dive deeper into their potential fit for your needs.
Ready to experience the unparalleled efficiency of a PVA Traffic Coordinator? Find your PVA superhero today and escalate your publishing productivity to new heights.


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